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Creating the Best PhotoBooth Experience | Sassy Snaps Photo Booth

Creating the Best PhotoBooth Experience

May 7, 2017

Utilizing PhotoBooths in a party offers lots of fun and reduces the level of pressure felt by those being photographed. PhotoBooths have gathered huge popularity, especially at wedding ceremonies, but these days, they have been seen at birthdays, retirement parties and a host of other gatherings and ceremonies. Not only is PhotoBooths a fun experience that leaves guests with some fond memories, but it does ease up some amount of pressure on those that don’t really like taking photograph because they will break out from their shell of shyness and take some props and take some pretty shots. The resulting photos taken in a PhotoBooths can be a valuable keepsake for the guests who are involved in the photo session as well as all other people that attended the party. Setting up a PhotoBooth should not be a pain in the butt if you have the right gadgets and information on how to set it up.

However, so many people run into problems when they try to set up a PhotoBooth on their own without the help of a professional photographer. Most individuals run into a jam either trying an over simplified process of setting up the PhotoBooth or they may be faced with a much more complicated system using a full enclosure and lots of expensive gear though fancy that may cost too much for their pocket. With the right content, a PhotoBooth can create an exceptional personal experience as well as in your party’s guest.

A PhotoBooth is not a person standing with a camera taking pictures of people in front of a backdrop, but PhotoBooth is a booth where you only need to press a button, and the camera takes series of pictures of you, automatically. This is where the fun is, where those weird, fun, awkward and candid moments that photo shots are known for.

When setting up a PhotoBooth for your party, the first thing to consider is the camera you want to make use of. If you are utilizing a full featured camera, you will need an Intervalometer and an Eye-fi SD card. The intervalometer can be configured to act as a button that you press for a timed shutter, while the Eye-fi SD card can aid in printing the images. To create a personal feel of the PhotoBooth, you will need to create a backdrop for the PhotoBooth, because this is essential in personalizing the background.

You should consider adding a signage to your photobooth, because it makes your booths more legit. Photo props are also an important content to add to your booth as it gives people something do. Props are easy to customize to the theme of your party, and with the help of a printer, party straws, tape and wooden dowels, they can be easily put together.

Applying these tips in setting up your PhotoBooth will create a lasting experience for your guest at the party. The place to get all you need for a perfect PhotoBooth is SassySnaps PhotoBooth